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University Prep

Emphasizing a commitment to closing the achievement gap for an academically, culturally,  and socioeconomically  diverse student body, The Preuss School University Preparatory (UP) Advisory program is a multi-year course designed to support all students, grades 6-12.  In college preparatory work in both core and elective classes, UP supports each student in achieving the Preuss vision of preparing them to be competitive for selective universities.  As part of the program’s foundation for success, University Prep supports students academically, socially, and emotionally through building strong relationships.  

This class enables students and their parents to be guided and supported by the same teacher from grades 6-12. This experience enables one teacher to become well-acquainted with students, their growth, their families and their domestic situation, all of which helps meet students’ academic and personal needs.

Through the University Preparatory program students are offered:

  • Supplemental academic support
  • Tutoring and mentoring for academic success
  • Help with demystifying the college admissions process
  • The opportunity to reinforce skills that are the basis for academic success

For more information about our University Preparatory Advisory program, please watch this video.