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School Counseling


School Counselors at The Preuss School create programs that are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills, set informed college/career goals and realize their full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the global community.

April 13 - June 17, 2020:  Remote Learning Schedule

Counselor Assignments

Students are assigned to School Counselors by their graduating class level. This means that students will have the same counselor every year until they graduate (similar to the Advisory model). All counselors will support the senior class; the counselor that has been assigned to the senior class throughout their educational journey at Preuss will be the Lead Senior Counselor.

Counselor Caseload Email Phone

Ms. Erin Patrick
(Lead Senior Counselor)

Class of 2026, 2021, & 2020

(Grades 6, 11, & 12)

(858) 822-0996

Ms. Brittany Oka

Class of 2025 & 2024

(Grades 7, 8, support 12)

(858) 822-0409

Ms. Ruthie Hernandez

Class of 2023 & 2022

(Grades 9, 10, support 12)

(858) 822-2002

Virtual Counseling (until June 17, 2020)

During our school closure, we will still provide school counseling and family support services in a virtual setting. Counselors will be available during the weekdays starting on April 6 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Students were given information on how to contact their counselor through the platforms below:

Google Voice

Students/parents may call or text message the numbers below while we are off campus:

  • Ms. Patrick (Grades 6, 11, 12): 619-800-1679
  • Ms. Oka (Grade 7, 8): 619-800-1701
  • Ms. Hernandez (Grade 9, 10): 619-800-1787
  • Ms. Torre (Family Specialist): or 858-568-8632
  • Ms. Ghonaim (School Psychologist): or 619-800-1842

Google Classroom

Counselors will use Google Classroom to share resources with all students.  Google classroom is a resource for students only. 

  • Grade 6 (Class of 2026):  qswncq3
  • Grade 7 (Class of 2025):  2m4t462 
  • Grade 8 (Class of 2024):  3jqwg37
  • Grade 9 (Class of 2023): ktwn2ek
  • Grade 10 (Class of 2022): p6hopum
  • Grade 11 (Class of 2021):  tz52mdr
  • Grade 12 (Class of 2020):  7agujpr

Remind App

This is a quick way for students/parents to text message their school counselor directly.  Counselors may send messages directly to the entire class.

Students may schedule a confidential video conference (with laptop or phone) and chat with school counselors using this application. Students should contact their school counselor via email/phone call if they would like to have a video conference.  

Resources during COVID 19

Counseling Appointments

Parents and families may make an appointment to see their student’s counselor by calling their counselor directly. Students are encouraged to speak with their counselor before school (8:00-8:50 a.m.), during student lunch, or during an elective class with teacher approval. Students may also fill out a "Request to See Your Counselor" form located in the Main Office to let their counselor know they would like to meet.

During our campus closure, students can request a meeting by contacting their counselor directly or completing a scheduling request below.

COVID-19 Updates

For important COVID-19 information and its impact on academics, please click the links below: