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School Counseling


School Counselors at The Preuss School create programs that are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills, set informed college/career goals and realize their full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the global community.

2023-2024 Guidance Counselor Assignments

Counselor Caseload Email Phone

Ms. Sara Silva

A through Garcia-G

(858) 822-2002

Ms. Allyson Cobbs

Garcia-H through S. Nguyen

(858) 822-0409

Ms. Erin Patrick

T. Nguyen through Z

(858) 822-0996

Ms. Alyson De La Rosa

Family Support Specialist

(858) 822-1484

Ms. Yazmin Ghonaim School Psychologist (619) 800-1842 


Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with your counselor please click the calendly link next to your counslors name

Sara Silva- Counselor for last names- A- Garcia Guillen:

Allyson Cobbs- Counselor for last names- Garcia Lozano- S. Nguyen:

Erin Patrick- Counselor for last names- T. Nguyen- Z:

Counseling Appointments

Parents and families may make an appointment to see their student’s counselor by calling their counselor directly. Students are encouraged to speak with their counselor before school (8:00- 8:55 a.m.), during student lunch, or during an elective class with teacher approval.