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Job Opportunities

Applicants for Preuss School employment must apply through the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) for each job in which they are interested. You will not be considered for any job for which you have not specifically applied. We do not accept applications via email, U.S. mail, or fax, but you may submit an inquiry with resume for consideration. If you require additional assistance with your application or have questions, please contact The Preuss School Human Resources Office at (858) 822-2133

Please note that successful candidates for any position will be subject to a pre-employment background check and tuberculosis (TB) screening.

Current Job Openings

Staff Positions - Job Link

Faculty Positions - Job Link

How to Apply for a Preuss School UC San Diego Job

  1. Sign on to the UC San Diego Joblink
    1. Go to UC San Diego Joblink 
    2. Click on "Application Toolkit"
    3. Go to Step 2
  2. Complete the online resume/application
    1. First-time submission or new UC San Diego resume/application:
      1. If you have a resume or job history in Word or another electronic format, have it open and ready on your computer
      2. Go to the online resume/application form
      3. Either copy and paste from your existing resume or type new information into the online form
      4. Remember the exact name and phone number you enter on the application. You'll need these in step 4.
      5. Fill out all required information and submit the form
      6. After three business days, you'll be able to use all the Applicant Toolkit features (see step 4) to view or edit your resume. OR
    2. Update an existing online resume/application:
      1. Use the Applicant Toolkit (see step 4) to update your application as needed
      2. Your updates take effect immediately
    3. After you submit your online resume/application, you can apply for jobs at any time.

  3. Apply online
    1. From the Job Bulletin, click the title of any position for which you'd like to apply
    2. From inside the job description, click Apply here in the upper right corner of the page
    3. Follow instructions on the "Apply for" page, then click Submit
  4. Track the status of your application online
    1. Access the Applicant Toolkit the first time:
      1. Wait three business days after submitting your online resume/application form for the first time
      2. Go to the Applicant Toolkit 
      3. Enter a password that you will remember 
      4. Enter the EXACT name and phone number you used for your online resume/application
    2. Access the Applicant Toolkit subsequently:
      1. Enter the same password, name and phone number you used the first time you entered the Applicant Toolkit 
      2. At the bottom of the page, you'll see the status of your online application. This status updates automatically when your job status changes.