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The Preuss School Cafeteria

The Preuss School Cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks to all scholars daily at no cost. The San Diego Unified School District Food and Nutrition Services provides all our school meals. Food options are designed to be tasty and nutritious, including our fresh salad bar, which is available to scholars every day. 

Daily Cafeteria Hours:

Breakfast 1: 7:30am

Breakfast 2: 8:30am (Mon-Thurs), 9:30am (Fri)

Middle School Lunch: 11:37am-12:06pm (Mon-Thurs), 12:18pm-12:48pm (Fri)

High School Lunch: 12:15pm-12:44pm (Mon-Thurs), 12:52pm-1:22pm (Fri)

2023-2024 Menus

How to Request Special Dietary Accommodations

Scholars that require a special diet must submit a prescription (written in English) from their doctor to the San Diego Unified School District Food and Nutrition Services. Special dietary accommodation requests do not automatically renew for the following academic year and must be resubmitted yearly to the district. Please see the forms below and check out the San Diego Unified School District website for more information. 

SDUSD Special Diets Page

 CA Dept of Ed.: MD form to request meal accommodation

Declaración Médica Para Solicitar Comidas Especiales o Adaptaciones

Nutrition Resources

Information on Food Kept in Health Office

Snacks and Meals from Food and Nutritional Services

  • Food and Nutrition Services cannot provide food or juice in classrooms or offices. This includes the health office. If there is an occasional medical emergency and the cafe staff has an item you may need, they may be able to help, but they should never be a part of the medical plan. 
  • For sites who have students with diabetes, parents are required to supply to the school any juice and snacks required for care. 
    • We do understand that sometimes the snacks run out and the student is low. 
    • Food and Nutritional Services are permitted to give reimbursal meals to a student if they missed a meal during the regular meal times. If you have a hungry student who missed a meal, typically the cafe staff can usually find a way to get a hungry student a complete meal. These situations can usually be handled at the site level and/or with help from the cafe's area supervisor.