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Time for Teachers is Critical

Time for Teachers is Critical

A new report out from the National Center for Time and Learning features The Preuss School as one of 17 high-performing and fast-improving schools around the country that have taken advantage of expanded school schedules. With more learning time such as a longer school day and school year, these schools provide students with more time for engaging academic and enrichment classes and teachers with more time to collaborate with colleagues, analyze students data, create new lesson plans, and develop new skills.

Principal Scott Barton participated in a recent panel discussion in Washington, D.C., focusing on the release of the report, Time for Teachers: Leveraging Expanded Time to Strengthen Instruction & Empower Teachers.

On average, U.S. teachers spend approximately 80 percent of their time on instruction, while the international average for countries reporting data to the OECD is 67 percent. Meanwhile, teachers in the schools featured in Time for Teachers spend 60 percent of their expanded school schedule on direct instruction with 40 percent of their time on collaboration, coaching, one-on-one support, and other activities.

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