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Mercy Hwong

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I am teaching four classes: 7th Grade Orchestra, 8th Grade Orchestra, Honors High School Orchestra and an AP class. I am an advisor of the middle School Music club, supervising students who come to music room to practice various instruments. In addition, I also have the privilege of founding a Preuss School Music Leadership Club. Students in the Music Leadership Club promote San Diego Youth Symphony concerts and Mainly Mozart concerts at the Preuss School.


I have taught music at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools, Louisiana State University, and Westview High School in San Diego before accepting the teaching position at the Preuss School. I also teach private piano and voice lessons for children and adults in the community.

My educational background includes a Teacher’s Diploma in Voice, minor in piano from the University of the Philippines, a B.S. degree in Music Therapy, a M.A. degree in Music Education, and a Ph.D. degree in Education from the University of Minnesota.

Why did you choose to work at Preuss?

The mission of the school that prove the musical/ cultural opportunity for the disadvantaged students.

What year did you start working at Preuss?


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy cooking and gardening.

Contact Information

Email Address:  | Phone: 858.822.3000