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Eric Brazelton

Eric Brazelton from The Preuss Schoo, UCSD

My name is Eric Royce Brazelton and I am an 8-10th grade physical education teacher here in the Exercise and Health, Science (EHS) department. I’m glad to be back in San Diego after what seemed to be a lifetime pursuing my undergraduate degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and my teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton. Physical education and all encompassing subjects has always been a passion of mine and the transition to teaching has been challenging but even more so rewarding.

Outside of school I am most likely to be found either at the gym or doing something active outdoors. Aside from strength training I enjoy nature walks, camping, fishing, and hanging out with close friends eating good food. I know it sounds boring but as my dad has always said, “boredom is an insult to your intelligence.”

Something that seems to surprise people is that I rarely watch sports on TV. I love to play sports but I just can’t stand sitting down for extended periods to watch something that I’d rather be doing. 

Contact Information

Email Address: | Phone: 858.822.3000