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Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities

When you make a gift to The Preuss School, you can support the department, program or initiative of your choice. Simply choose from the giving opportunities below. Whether you support longer learning time or robotics, math or art, a gift of any size makes a valuable and immediate difference.

Longer Learning Time

At Preuss, we use a variety of research-based best practices proven to help prepare low-income students be first-time college attendees. A longer school day and school year is one of these key practices. Our students are in school longer each day and for 23 days more than the typical student in California. This makes our unique curriculum possible, offering students nearly an entire extra academic year of education by the time they graduate high school.

Make a gift to support Longer Learning Time


With 95 percent of our students commuting from over 40 zip codes – many south of Interstate 8 – school bus transportation is a critical component of our success. Transportation creates stability in attendance, which leads to a consistent environment for teaching and learning. Preuss must raise all the funds necessary to provide daily transportation and busing for the Saturday Enrichment Academy and summer school. The results are worth it: The average daily attendance rate at Preuss is 98 percent.

Make a gift to support Preuss School Student Bus Transportation

Preuss School Opportunity Fund

When you support the Preuss School Opportunity Fund, you give the gift of flexibility. This fund ensures we can continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of our students to provide a transformational education, whether that’s purchasing new technology for the classroom or sending students on an educational field trip.

Make a gift to the Preuss School Opportunity Fund

Mental Health Support

Preuss provides a multitude of opportunities for students, but some of our students may suffer from psychological disorders or encounter emotional difficulties that hinder their ability to fully benefit from these opportunities. The Lisa Hirschman Memorial Fund provides critical mental health services to such students, particularly those who are limited by transportation difficulties and who lack insurance coverage. In addition, Hirschman psychologists provide support for parents and consultation for Preuss staff. With the help of the Hirschman Fund, students can continue to achieve their highest potential.

Make a gift to the Lisa Hirschman Memorial Fund


Like so many things at Preuss, the school’s robotics program began with a dream: To build a working robot that could compete in FIRST (For Inspiration and Rec­ognition of Science and Technology) robot­ics, a national league with a mission to inspire students to pursue education and careers in math, science and technology while promoting gracious professionalism. Fast forward some 10 years and the Preuss middle and high school teams have continued applying that can-do spirit and enthusiasm to the competition every year. Your support helps our program continue to thrive.

Make a gift to support the Preuss School Robotics Team

Math, Science and Engineering

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is vital to our students. Over the past decade, growth in STEM jobs was three times greater than growth in non-STEM occupations with STEM jobs expected to keep growing over the next decade. At Preuss, we must ensure our students get the education they need to succeed in this area.

Make a gift to the Preuss School Math, Science and Engineering Initiative

Music and Art

Studies have shown that students with arts-rich experiences in high school have higher overall GPAs than students who lacked those experiences, and that students who study music outperform on math tests. Support for this fund helps us ensure students get a well-rounded education that can improve their well-being and engagement in school.

Make a gift to the Preuss School Music and Art Initiative


Athletics is an integral part of a Preuss education. When students participate in athletics, they feel connected to a community, they experience a greater sense of self-efficiency, are more likely to stay in school, and have a higher academic achievement rate.

Over the past 10 years, we have added three new sports. More than 175 student-athletes now compete in nine CIF sports including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and cross country. With the cost of running a successful program steadily increasing, gifts to this fund will go toward referee fees, facility rentals, uniforms, sport equipment, tournament fees and more.

Make a gift to the Preuss School Extracurricular Activities Fund

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