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Student Services

The Preuss School provides a variety of services and resources for students.

Counseling Department

The Preuss School’s Counseling Department is here to support students in achieving academically and socially to the best of their potential. If you have any additional questions, contact:

School Counselor
Ruthie Hernandez
(858) 822-2002

School Counselor
Brittany Oka
(858) 822-0409

School Counselor
Erin Patrick
(858) 822-0996

School Psychologist
Yazmin Ghonaim
(858) 822-1485

Family Support Specialist
Homeless Coordinator
Amanda Torre
(858) 822-1484

Guidance Links

The following are useful links related to school and college admission/financial aid:

Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

If you would like assistance with mental health resources you can contact Ms. Amanda Torre, our Family Support Specialist at 858-822-1484 or you may also contact your child’s counselor (Ms. Oka, Ms. Patrick, or Ms. Hernandez).

 Here are some organizations we sometimes partner with for mental health services if you prefer to contact them directly:

  1. Union of Pan Asian Communities
  2. SAY San Diego
  3. Cornerstone

 For additional mental health resources and information:

  1. 211 San Diego
  2. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Diego

 Lastly, if you are experiencing a mental health emergency please use the following crisis numbers:

  1. San Diego Crisis Line 888-724-7240 (available 24/7)
  2. Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-TALK (available 24/7)
  3. Peer- Run Warm Line 855-845-7415 (available 24/7)

Homework Tips

  • Make sure you have a quiet, well-lit place to do homework
  • Make sure you have all the materials you need (paper, pencils, dictionary, etc.) available
  • Manage your time to complete your assignments
  • If you need help, ask for it, but expect guidance, not answers