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Christobelle Tan

Juliana Biersbach from The Preuss Schoo, UCSD


Integrated mathematics 1, math enrichment, and U.P. class of 2020


UCSD Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics Secondary Education and Masters in Education

Why did you choose to work at Preuss?

Even though I teach mathematics, I believe that a teacher’s job goes beyond that particular subject. A teacher’s job is also to create a molding, stretching, and strengthening so that their girls and boys become women and men who are not afraid of who they are, not afraid of their own strength, not afraid to chase after their dreams, and not afraid to pick themselves up after a fall or many falls.

When I chose to become a teacher, I have always wanted to work for a school with students from a low income background because I had that same background. Working at Preuss UCSD is such a great opportunity because I get to work with legendary teachers, administrators, and staff who are dedicated to give each and every student quality education which is the key to allow students to become authors of their own story. I love the mission of this school and how everyone in our community understands that mission and is working collectively towards that mission.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am very family oriented. I have the best, huge family and i spend most of my time with them. I also enjoy going to the beach, eating at new places, hiking, kayaking, playing in the snow, and going to the Padres game.

Contact Information

Email Address:  | Phone: 858.822.3000