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Chovy Frohlich

Juliana Biersbach from The Preuss Schoo, UCSD

My name is Chovy Frohlich and I teach Integrated Math 3 and 7th grade Math Enrichment here at Preuss.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University, and then went back to school a few years later to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Most recently, I earned my teaching credential in Mathematics from San Diego State University.  

I came into teaching with a background in social work and counseling, which was my first career.  I worked for several years in Chicago as a therapist to families experiencing violence and trauma before I transitioned into non-profit management and financial bookkeeping.  Social justice, empowerment, and equity are strong values of mine which is one of the many reasons I love being part of the Preuss community.

My favorite thing about teaching is getting to know teenagers (they’re really fun, and funny!).  I like encouraging them to grow and feel confident when facing challenges.  Especially during math class, many people can feel stuck or intimidated, but when they work hard to finally solve a difficult problem, their sense of empowerment and pride is beautiful to witness.

Contact Information

Email Address: cfrohlich@preuss.ucsd.edu  | Phone: 858.822.3000