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Buy your 2015 Preuss Yearbook & Get a Yearbook for $5!

Buy your 2015 edition of the Preuss Yearbook "The Tide" during our first presale of the year, October 9 & 11. Books and dedications will be sold in front of the Walton Center during lunch.  During this week only, when you buy your yearbook, you will have the option of buying an old yearbook, from 2013 or earlier, for ONLY $5 EACH!! The price for the 2015 yearbook is $47.00 (grades 6-11) and $45.00 (seniors--this week only!). Cash only is accepted, and no bills larger than $20.00. A $20 down payment will reserve your book at this price! Don't miss this chance to get your yearbook for the best price of the year, and buy that 6th grade yearbook you never got for only $5! Remember to make a down payment for your dedications pages now before they sell out! For more information, contact Mr. Ensberg at pensberg@ucsd.edu or call 858 822-1466.