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Scholarships Provide STEM Summer Camp Opportunities 

Her goal is to become an engineer one day. This summer, Preuss junior Gicel Abraham had the opportunity to attend a summer camp that would support her dreams thanks to a scholarship from iD Tech, an industry leader in STEM summer camps.  Abraham was one of 24 students who received scholarships to attend weeklong summer training courses held by iD Tech and its Alexa Café in topics ranging from robotics and coding to video production.

“It’s been a really good experience,” said Abraham, who learned to code wearable technology at the summer camp. “I come from a low-income background, so even though I would have wanted to attend a STEM camp, it would have been difficult for my family without the scholarship.” 

Abraham took part in Alexa Café, a new program designed by iD Tech to encourage more females to consider pursuing STEM careers. This summer marked the inaugural session of the all-girls camp, held at UC San Diego. According to iD Tech, females make up only 24 percent of STEM jobs and they aim to change that ratio.

Alexa Cafe (image by iD Tech)

Abraham believes Alexa Café fills an important need—empowering young women to consider careers in STEM industries. “The instructors are making us feel like we can become female leaders in STEM,” she said. “I think that’s good—especially for younger girls who might not be getting the same encouragement in STEM as boys.”

iD Tech is an international industry leader offering STEM summer camps for students between the ages of 7 and 18. For 20 years, the company has helped pave the way in STEM education, introducing relevant, in-demand curriculum to set students on their long-term skill development pathways. Visit www.iDTech.com to learn more.

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