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The Preuss School is guided by a dedicated team of administrators who work closely with all faculty and staff to support Preuss students in their quest to attend a four year college or university.  The team includes:

Scott Barton, Principal
Pete Selleck, Vice Principal
Karin Marsolais, Chief Administrative Officer
Erin Patrick, Middle School Counselor,
Vacant, College Advisor

Board of Directors
The Preuss School is also overseen by a Board of Directors who help guide the future of the school. The board helps promote the school’s vision and mission; plan for the future; set sound policy; model professionalism; oversee finances, evaluation and other key operational aspects; and build relationships.

Founders' Circle
The Preuss School Founders' Circle is the school’s donor advisory council. Initially comprising the original community leaders who helped fund the formation of the school, the group welcomes new members who are equally committed to the school’s mission and are passionate about ensuring the sustainability of its education model through philanthropic support. Founders' Circle members also serve as Preuss ambassadors and are instrumental in assisting with key initiatives and events such as the school’s annual benefit celebration.